4 - Upper Mekong - Mekong Cruises in Southern Laos

4 - Upper Mekong - Mekong Cruises in Southern Laos
Sites and activities covered:
Small riverside villages, Wat Phou - a pre-Angkorian Khmer temple ruin, Southeast Asia’s largest waterfalls at Pha Pheng, and cruising through the famous 4,000 islands area of the Mekong near the Cambodian border
What to expect:
Enjoy a leisurely cruise discover the treasures of Southern Laos. This part of Mekong River is much less travelled so you will escape the popular trails and explore small riverside villages, ancient temple ruins and the Mekong Islands, with nights spent on board the floating boutique hotel/boats with hot water showers and western amenities.

Route map:

mekong river cruise in laos - route map - southern laos

Boats on this route:
Vat Phou Cruise, Mekong Island Cruise

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